Recreational Fishing Association"Udica" was founded in 1948. In 1957 it organized the 4th European Championship in underwater spearfishing, later recognized as the first world championship in underwater spearfishing, because it hosted one overseas country - the United States.  6 of the 8 registered teams participated with a total of 43 fishermen and the total catch was an astonishing 930 kilograms of fish. The initiative from a group of enthusiasts, underwater spearfishermen from "Udica", continued with the organization of the first underwater spearfishing City Cup on December 31, 1960 with 8 participating underwater spearfishermen from Mali and Veli Lošinj, Rijeka and Zagreb. The mild climate and rich underwater world were a prerequisite for this competition's growth through the years to follow and so it has become the most massive gathering of underwater spearfishermen in this region. Year after year, the number of participating teams grows, and the competition has become international. Since 1967, in addition to the City Cup, a new competition has been organized each year - the Cup of Nations. Excellent organization of these events has drawn the attention of the best teams and underwater spearfishermen who have participated on regular basis, such as the multiple state, European and world champions like Frane Zanki, Stefano Bellani, Renzo Mazzarri, Jose Amengual, Pedro Carbonell and many others. The quality of organization of these competitions attracts the attention of underwater spearfishermen to this day, who continue to participate in them at the end of the calendar year.
In September 2010 "Udica" organized the 27th World Spearfishing Championship in underwater spearfishing, with 22 participating national teams from around the world and during the two-day competition in difficult weather conditions the winner was the Croatian national team and in the individual competition, the local spearfisherman Daniel Gospić.Results:     
1. Croatia
2. Italy
3. Spain
1. Daniel Gospić (Cro)
2. Antonio Buratović (Cro)
3. Bruno De Silvestri (Ita)
The excellent organization of the World Spearfishing Championship presented "Udica" with another challenge: the organization of the Euro-African Championship in underwater spearfishing, which will take place in Mali Lošinj from September 13 to 17, 2017, hosting yet again the best European and African underwater spearfishermen during the two-day battle in the waters of Lošinj.